Best Growth Serums of 2019: Guide to the Magical Elixirs Of Hair, Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Growth serums are liquids loaded with different types of ingredients to promote the thickening of hair in places such as the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. You can compare growth serums to magical elixirs because of the effect they have on your hair. By applying growth serums for just a couple of weeks, your hair will look revitalized and healthy.

These days, growth serums are moving away from chemicals and towards natural ingredients, to minimize side effects as much as possible. Thanks to significant development in technology, we can now use growth serums on a daily basis to promote hair growth.

Due to the increase in effectiveness and popularity of growth serums, you will find countless products in the market which promote hair growth. How do you know which product is cost-effective? Are certain products more effective than others? Which products use only natural ingredients? These are just a handful of questions that will come to your mind when you are thinking about purchasing growth serums.

Luckily, you have come to the right place as this is the guide for growth serums. Take a look below to discover the best growth serums for eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair for all skin types!

Our Guide to the Best Rated Growth Serums

Best Eyelashes Growth Serums

Eyelash growth serums are like magical potions, because of their ability to promote hair growth. Why don’t we use fake or extension eyelashes? Well, the glue used in those products can weaken our eyelashes over time. On top of that, they are high maintenance. Eyelash growth serums contain a variety of ingredients such as proteins, peptides, fatty acids to name a few, which promote the growth of eyelashes, making them look thicker and longer.

There are eyelash growth serums that you can apply in the day and night. The ones you use in the day are mainly to protect your eyelashes against the harsh environment. The eyelash growth serums you apply in the night will work hand in hand with your eyelashes natural growth cycle, promoting their overall growth.

When you take a look at the market, there are tons of eyelash growth serums available, how do you know which ones work? Well, look no further because we got your back. Here is one product that is guaranteed to work, giving you the eyelashes your heart desires!

Best Eyelashes Growth Serums: Essy Beauty natural Eyelash Growth Enhancer

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Quick take: Comfortable And Effective For Everyday Lash.

Get the perfect eyelashes with Essy Eyelash Serum!
When it comes to eyelash serums, we only recommend the best of the lot, which brings us to Essy’s Eyelash Serum. The serum has an advanced formula for your eyelashes, which will strengthen, lengthen and increase their density. Unlike most of the other eyelash serums available on the market, this product comes with the tag “clinically proven.”
After using this product for just two weeks, you will notice an increase in the length and thickness of your eyelashes. If you want your eyelashes to increase by 55%, continue using it for more than six weeks.
Essy Eyelash Serum can be used for all skin types as its ingredients are safe, gentle and non-irritating. With daily use, the nourishing ingredients will make eyelashes healthier and stronger than ever. You can apply this product on your eyelashes with ease due to the applicator tip. The company is so confident that this product will work that if you are unsatisfied with the results, you will get a replacement or a refund. All in all, it is a win-win situation!

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Best Eyebrows Growth Serums

When it comes to facial features and appearance, eyebrows have a very important role to play. Even the smallest of changes in height or shape can completely change the way we look. As a result of this, we spend our mornings to make sure our eyebrows look perfect. While there are many techniques for this, we always wish there was something better. Well, it looks like companies have been listening to our prayers as we now have eyebrow growth serums, eliminating the need for techniques such as microblading and eyebrow extensions.
The formulas used in eyebrow growth serums consist of active ingredients, which promote the growth of hair in the eyebrows. At the same time, these ingredients strengthen the strands of hair in the eyebrows, due to their nourishing properties.

You don’t have to do extensive research or resort to trial and error methods to figure out which products work as we have already done the work for you. Given below is a product that will work on all types of skin.

Top Eyebrows Growth Serums: Blissful Brows by Hairgenics

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Quick take: Eyebrows Can Be Unforgettable.

Get natural and fuller eyebrows with Blissful Brows!
If you want your eyebrows to look fuller naturally, then Blissful Brows Eyebrow color and volumizer gel is for you. The company will only use the highest-quality non-irritating and hypoallergenic ingredients to make this product. At the same time, this product is safe to use on all skin types because of its dermatology and clinical testing. On top of that, the company hasn’t used animal testing for this product.

By just spending a few minutes and applying this product on your eyebrows, you will be able to sculpt and fill your eyebrows, giving you that perfect look. You don’t have to worry about smudging, fading or flaking as Blissful Brows is transfer-proof, smudge-proof, and water-proof. The product gives a more natural look as you can pick from five colors. You can also use Blissful Brows to hide gray eyebrows. Besides, if the product doesn’t give you the perfect eyebrows, you can always return it and get your money back!

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Best Hair Growth Serums

Hair growth serums take your hair to the next level, giving you fuller and thicker hair. When you use hair growth serums properly, it can work wonders on your scalp. As a result of this, it will create the perfect environment for hair growth.

Hair growth serums have ingredients that will stimulate the flow of blood in the scalp, and invigorate your hair follicles and skin. When the blood flow improves in the scalp, the blood vessels will carry all the necessary nutrients to boost hair growth, ultimately enhancing the health of hair follicles.

While there are numerous products available in the market which promote hair growth, you need to pick serums that don’t have any chemicals or drugs. The best option is to select serums that only have natural ingredients or their derivatives. However, you don’t have to go through the ingredient list to find out which product is best for you because we got that covered.

Top Hair Growth Serums: Molivera Organics Castor Oil Premium Cold Pressed 100% Pure

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Quick take: Hair Growth All Around.

Molivera Organics Castor Oil only uses the best vitamins, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. These ingredients improve the blood flow in the scalp, promoting the growth and re-growth of thick hair. Molivera Organics Castor Oil is extremely beneficial as it gives your hair that lustrous, soft, luscious, happy and healthy look. At the same time, this product works wonders for your skin by making it elastic, supple and soft. It also moisturizes your skin, to give it that youthful and glowing look.

Unlike most other products available on the product, Molivera Organics Castor Oil is free of chemicals, preservatives, hexanes, and fragrances. The best part about the oil is that it is vegan-friendly. To make sure you get only fresh products, Molivera Organics makes this product in small batches.

Do give this product a shot if you want to revitalize and restructure your hair. If the results don’t live up to your expectations, you can return the product and get 100% of your cash back.

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What to Look for When Buying Growth Serums?

As there are thousands of growth serums and you are using these products on your skin and hair, you need to do extensive research to select the right products. Always take a look at the ingredients before you buy any growth serum. For starters, growth serums should only have natural ingredients or their derivatives. Find out if the brand has dermatologically or clinically tested the ingredients.

The products should also contain natural vitamins and proteins to promote the growth of hair. Last but not the least, only select products from reputable retailers such as Essy, Molivera Organics, Blissful Brows, Revitalash, L’Oréal and InstaNatural to name a few.

What’s Next?

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